From the Great Recession came another loss; Local Banks. Over 450 banks nationwide were closed and assets moved to other bank waiting to step in.  If you were a customer of one of the banks that were closed and the assets moved, you were kept fairly safe by world wide standards. The US has a good safe system.  But, did the banking market remain safe.   In most cases no.

In many Florida communities you can see the empty banks moved, closed buildings and now their real estate for sale or already sold to other banks that  survived.   

Before choosing a local community bank as your lender, you can ask for a report of their assets. using a local bank often requires more money down, but the bank knows the real value of properties in your community. 

A good alternative to banks for a mortgage is the locally owned and operated mortgage brokers and bankers. They provide loans every day, it;'s not just another  service,  it;s their only service.

My other choice for lending is the local credit union.  They understand the customer is their life blood for business and through the recession they worked with their customers more often than the banks did to keep people in their homes. 

Everyones financial situation is unique.  There really  is a way to buy a home in many  situations in communities all over Florida.  Call us anytime, we may be able to guide you in a direction that will  help.